Sunrise Smart Start: October 8, 2021

Sunrise Smart Start

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Stay up to date on the latest headlines in today’s Sunrise Smart Start on Friday, October 8, 2021.

Police say a suspect is dead after officers walked in on a robbery attempt at a Family Dollar in Rochester. An identity has not yet been released but officers believe the man who died, is also a suspect in 3 other murders from the past two years. 

Two officers arriving on the scene “walked into a robbery in progress,” and exchanged fire with the suspect.

Herriot-Sullivan, who announced her impending retirement earlier that day, said footage from inside the store would provide more clarity in time.

During the operation, 28 search warrants were served to eventually confiscate a total of 34 guns, 26 of which were illegal, six kilos of cocaine and fentanyl and around $150,000 in cash.

According to state police, of the 26 people arrested five remain in custody while 21 were released on bail.

The Rochester Police Department worked with several agencies across the state to uncover what began as a minor investigation into the level that it currently is.

Koonmen emphasized the result of what he called an “ongoing investigation” is a victory for Rochester.

“It’s an amazing job, I’m pleased to continue on with this active investigation. We want people of Rochester to know that we listen and care about violence in the City.”

Rochester Police continue to investigate a shooting after an Irondequoit resident was charged with criminal possession of a firearm Friday near the 300 block of East Avenue.

While no victims were initially found, a subsequent traffic stop on a 2009 Mercedes a few meters away from the location led to the arrest if Elijah Gregory, 24, who is believed to had been involved in the crime.

According to RPD, additional information on Gregory’s background will be released at a later time.

Following internal investigations into alleged racism incidents that occurred at two local varsity soccer games, the Pittsford and Greece School Districts have come to opposing conclusions.

Initial results of each investigation statement suggests that Greece Central School District supports the claims of racist allegations. On the other side, the Pittsford Central District says the incident was not “racially motivated.”

Both Pittsford and Greece School Districts said Thursday that their investigations are now concluded. Greece said they will continue to meet with the players to “help them process and move forward.”

Deputy Mayor James Smith is due to take over as Rochester mayor once Lovely Warren officially resigns her post, no later than December 1st.

At Cobbs Hill Park Thursday, Smith said many in City Hall learned about Warren’s resignation as the situation evolved Monday. 

“We’re at a crossroads in our community, there’s obviously a transition coming with the new mayor and we have a sort of added wrinkle now of a different transition,” Smith said.

Violence on the streets is still a challenge. He calls it ‘unacceptable and something he’s not going to just let ride out. “We owe it to the victims of violence… their families and to the victims themselves to pursue justice,” he says.

Radio Social announced it will no longer ask guests for proof of vaccination in an update posted on the business’s website Thursday, citing a rising vaccination rate in Rochester.

While Monroe County has seen an increase in vaccination numbers since Radio Social originally blocked those without vaccination proof, it remains a high-transmission rate location.

Time will tell if other food and drink establishments will follow in Radio Social’s footsteps and allow guests to partake in activities without vaccination verification.

October appears to be stuck in the summer. Friday sets the standard for the weekend as dry temperatures of mid-to-high 70s will run into next week. Apart from the sunshine, fog will also take up portion of mornings.

The Weekend:

Saturday morning will see a light shower of rain graze Rochester but other than that, the region is set to enjoy a warm, mostly sunny weekend. Better get outdoors now before the *snow* enters the chat.

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