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3 hospitalized after shooting on Lake Ave. in Rochester

Three people were hospitalized after being shot on Lake Avenue early Monday morning in Rochester.

According to authorities, two of the victims were transported to a nearby hospital for what they believe are non-life-threatening injuries. Investigators say the victims are males and believed to have been shot on the 1300 block of Lake Avenue.

While at the hospital with the two victims, officials say a third male arrived via a private vehicle. The man was also shot in the Lake Avenue area, according to police.

The third victim remains in stable condition at this time.

Rochester police is working to determine the circumstances that led to this shooting. Anyone with additional information is asked to dial 911.

Police identify motorcyclist killed in Chili crash on Union St.

A motorcyclist is dead following a crash in the area of Union Street and Morgan Road in the evening hours of Friday.

Officials said that, around 9 p.m., the victim — 49-year-old James E. Lee III — hit a car that was pulling out after stopping at a stop sign. The Leicester man was pronounced dead on the scene.

According to police, the operator of the car involved in the incident remained on scene. Officials have yet to release information regarding any possible injuries sustained by the driver.

Rochester business owner hosts celebration to honor man who saved her during attempted robbery

In June, a local man was awarded the Carnegie Medal, a recognition given to those who risk their lives to an extraordinary degree to save the life of another. Darnell Wilson did just that three years ago and on Sunday, a party was hosted in his honor by the woman he saved.

On December 23, 2019, 32-year-old Darnell Wilson risked his life when he came to the rescue of a Rochester business owner during an attempted robbery. Evangela “Van” Stanley owns People’s Choice Kitchen and said Wilson saved her from what could have been a life-altering moment.

“What we’re doing today is celebrating our heroes, especially Darnell Wilson. He’s the young man that intervene and saved my life during an attempt armed robbery,” Stanley said.

Wilson said being recognized on the national level and by Van herself felt “great.”

“It’s really an honor. I’m overwhelmed pretty much. You don’t get this everyday,” Wilson said.

In Wilson’s honor, People’s Choice Kitchen gave back to the community with none other than some free food.

“It’s great to see our community come together. We provide free food. We have ribs on the grill, steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs,” Stanley said, “Anything to help our community, that’s what we’re doing.”

Not only did Stanley make a point to honor Wilson, but she also made sure to include those who she calls her local heroes.

“My sheriff, my RPD, all law enforcement, the fire department, which is every one that risked their lives every day to help us to keep us safe,” Stanley said, “It feels great. I love it. And it’s an overwhelming feeling. I thank God, for my community, I thank God for law enforcement.”

Wilson added that, while he appreciates the recognition, all he did was protect the community he calls home.

“This is our community. Nobody is going to take care of it. We got to take care of it, it’s our responsibility,” Wilson said.

The Carnegie Medal is one of North American’s highest civilian honors. Wilson is one of 16 people who received the recognition this year.

Medical experts discuss how smoking ban in parks will change public health

In the next few months smoking any nicotine, tobacco, or marijuana product at public parks and beaches will be illegal in New York State. How will it change public health?

The law was signed by Governor Hochul Friday and medical experts hope to see it cut down on the amount of secondhand smoke threatening kids while preventing cigarette butts from being littered.  

Each week, John Kelley and his friend William Vail enjoy biking through nature. As former smokers, they work hard to steer clear of those smoking around them and hate to see them littering parks.  

“The cigarette butts, they last so long, even when you throw them in the bushes or the woods,” Vail said. “They don’t break down very easily. So, I think this law could be very beneficial.” 

“I have some respiratory issues and I notice secondhand smoking and it affects me negatively,” Kelley added. “So, I try to avoid it if somebody is smoking next to me, I’ll move, but even standing 15 feet away it’s very noticeable.” 

Leaders with the American Lung Association Chapter in New York hope this policy becomes an educational opportunity for smokers in the state to be motivated to quit.  

“In this case with this legalization a fine for people who are smoking in public places that are prohibited,” Trevor Summerfield stated. “So, we hope to see a reduction in tobacco products used across the state.”  

Under this law, smoking any nicotine, tobacco, or marijuana product in public parks, pools, beaches, boardwalks, marinas, playgrounds, or campsites is prohibited.

The usage of cigarettes and all tobacco products among the youth has been dropping since 2018, according to the state department of health. Those with the American Heart Association see this as saving the next generation from long smoking-related diseases. 

“Smoking has been linked to increased risk of chronic obstructive palmary disease, chronic bronchitis, and increasing the risk of lung infection,” Mehmet Aktas warned. “Especially the increased risk of heart disease.” 

But there are those like Tina Gholar who require CBD for medical treatment on her ankle and mental health. Without access to it in parks, she doesn’t know if she can come out much anymore.  

“I just would be stuck and afraid because that’s when the trust issues come in,” Gholar said. “All the mental static with pain, I just feel way more anxiety come on.” 

Violations of this law would result in a $50 fine or other civil penalties. However, the ban does not apply to vaping or smoking in parking lots near public parks or beaches.  

This law officially goes into effect three months from now. For a complete look at the legislation, click here.

Weather forecast: Rain is here as we fill up the water table

There will be some instability in place after the bulk of the moisture moves out, so there could be a chance for a non-severe thunderstorm this afternoon. Temperatures get into the upper 70s to around 80°.