ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Stay up to date on the latest headlines in today’s Sunrise Smart Start on Friday, January 21, 2022.

A 54-year-old resident was assaulted following a vehicle crash between two cars at the intersection of Lake Avenue and Glendale Avenue late Thursday night.

A Cadillac, driven by the victim, and a black Dodge collided at the intersection around 11 p.m.

Investigators believe a physical altercation ensued in which the victim was assaulted by several suspects.

The 54-year-old was transported to Strong Memorial Hospital and is currently being treated for non life-threatening injuries, according to police.

Officials at the Rochester Police Department say the suspects all fled on foot after the fight. The car they were driving is reportedly stolen out of Greece.

Authorities say 29-year-old Rashad Brown of Rochester is charged with murder in the second degree for the shooting death of 36-year-old Tarrell Mcknight on December 4.

Over the past several weeks, the Major Crimes Unit has been investigating this case. On January 20 the US Marshall’s Task Force arrested Brown while he was in the City of Geneva.

According to authorities, Brown used a semi-automatic handgun to shoot Mcknight in the groin. When officers arrived the preformed life saving measures before Mcknight was taken to URMC.

The gunshot cause massive bleeding which ultimately led to his death.

Unvaccinated teachers and school staff members in New York State are required to submit weekly Covid-19 testing. If the requirement is not met by NYS teachers, they risk losing their job.

Denell Knaub has been getting tested weekly for Covid as required by her employer, the Rochester City School District, for all unvaccinated employees.

“The testing is not a big deal, it just takes a few minutes, however, I have only felt since the testing started that it was just very hypocritical that I had to be tested because I chose to not be vaccinated whereas I have a lot of coworkers who are vaccinated who don’t have to be tested,” Knaub said.

“They say if you are vaccinated, you could be carrying Covid and not know it. You could be asymptomatic and it’s just kind of ironic that other people who could possibly be carrying Covid don’t have to be tested and could be coming to work and infecting others,” Knaub said.

According to the CDC, breakthrough cases are typically mild and rarely result in hospitalization. However, those infected after vaccination can still spread Covid-19 to others.

“I would most likely have symptoms if I were to contract Covid whereas people around me could be carrying it, and interacting with kids, with staff, and not even know it,” Knaub said.

Monroe County Executive Adam Bello said he does expect requirements on this state policy to change at some point, but that point isn’t now.

“I chose Victor because we need him now more than ever,” Evans said. “We need to make sure that neighborhoods have support so I am centralizing all the violence prevention programs under the mayor’s office. When we talk about young people taking part in meaningful activities, it comes with collaboration. Victor will lead all efforts against violence and we will take our efforts to the next level.”

According to city officials, Pathways to Peace, the Office of Neighborhood Safety, and the Peacemaker Fellowship program will all report directly to Saunders.

Thursday’s press conference follows a particularly busy day for Rochester police, with multiple shootings, a stabbing, a gunpoint robbery, and a suspect firing a weapon at officers — all of which occurred Wednesday.

“We as a community can never stop saying ‘violence is unacceptable,’” Evans said. “It has become so frequent that it’s easy for us to forget about it, but we can’t stop taking about. However, in that talk, action must follow.”

Despite the ongoing violence, Mayor Evans insists the city is a safe place to live, work, and play.

“Absolutely the city is a safe pace to work, to live, and to visit,” Evans said. “We’re always going to have challenges, but we are still a safe city. We just have to make sure that we don’t allow violence to be par for the course. It’s important to zero in on the population that is committing crimes.”

As a candidate for mayor last year, Evans pitched youth programs as a way to reduce city violence, including a youth-to-work program which he proposed could create thousands of jobs for young people, keeping them occupied and away from violence.

“We are going to have to make the investments,” Evans said. “If the city doesn’t have the money, we will go to private investors. Any of our youth programs we invest in, those are the tools that we have to look at differently. Public safety and economic development go together like hand in glove.”

Evans said a new community survey will go live online Thursday and residents are encouraged to fill it out in regards to what they are looking for as the city searches for a new permanent police chief. Evans said that survey will be available through February 4.

The New York State Liquor Authority confirmed today that beer and wine can now be served in theaters across New York State.

The ruling was made during a full board meeting on Wednesday, and follows a request from the National Association of Movie Theater Operators.

“I was surprised to see to see this. This development, this news, it’s something that we wanted at The Little for years,” said Scott Pukos, director of communications at The Little Theatre. “It’s very good news for for The Little.”

Pukos says that this will opens the door for more collaborations with local craft breweries and wineries, pointing out that beer and popcorn are a perfect combination.

“Maybe we’ll do a pop-up with with a restaurant that relates to the movie and we’ll have some element that makes it stand out makes it so people are like I want to come to The Little to experience this.”

The Little Theatre also currently has the Little Theatre Cafe, which does have live msuic and serves alcohol, but Pukos is unsure of how that license could be expanded, or if the theatre needs a separate license.

No more warmth, the total opposite actually. Temperatures will plummet into the single digits for what will feel like the whole of Friday. Wind chill will add to that also, making it possible for the coldest night in the area in a few years.

The Weekend: Saturday morning will open up with the remnants of the previous day, bringing cold and some snow flurries to start the weekend. Sunday will bring a mix of rain and snow, both days however will be warmer than what Rochester is expected to experience Friday.