ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Following the attempted attack on Congressman Lee Zeldin and the fatal shooting of RPD officer Anthony Mazurkiewicz, Zeldin and other Republicans are calling for a legislative session to repeal state bail reform laws.

At the Monroe County Hall of Justice on Saturday, leaders such as Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt and Candidate for Congress La’Ron Singletary claimed the suspect in the attack on Zeldin was released due to bail reform.

The suspect, 43-year-old David Jakubonis of Fairport, was charged with attempted assault in the second degree, and released by a local judge.

The 2019 bail reform law in New York eliminated pretrial incarceration for people accused of most nonviolent offenses. The law gives judges the option to set bail in nearly all cases involving violent felonies, but it has exceptions for certain attempted felonies like attempted assault.

Republicans also blamed New York’s recent gun legislation, claiming it is making communities unsafe for Rochester residents.

“Right now if I’m a law-abiding citizen in Rochester, I basically can’t protect myself anywhere, in the city of Rochester,” Ortt said. “We should be making it easier for people of all backgrounds, all colors, to protect themselves because nobody believes that the government is gonna protect them.”

New York’s bail reform law eliminated cash bail for most misdemeanor and non-violent felony charges.