ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Reverend Lewis Stewart of the United Christian Leadership Ministry is claiming that members of law enforcement are spreading misinformation about the topic of bail reform. This was after Congressman Lee Zeldin was attacked at a campaign stop in Perinton.

At a press conference held on Friday, Rev. Stewart argued that Zeldin’s goal is to destroy New York’s bail reform and promote mass incarceration.

Interim Public Defender Eric Teifke also said that bail reform laws were put in place because — according to him — judges weren’t engaging in fair discretion.

“They would like, among other things, for a judge to determine whether or not someone is dangerous,” Teifke said. “Well, if I ask one person to consider whether or not someone is dangerous, it may differ from another person’s view on dangerousness. It’s subjective. “

Teifke also said that it’s less expensive to have bail reform, and it keeps the community safe.