BUFFALO, N.Y. (WROC) — Almost one month after the Buffalo mass shooting, Governor Kathy Hochul announced funding for the East Buffalo community on Saturday.

After a Juneteenth celebration, Gov. Hochul announced the additional state and federal funding — totaling about $3 million.

Gov. Hochul said the funds will immediately provide coverage for basic services such as food, transportation, and mental and social programs, as part of the state’s continued response to the aftermath of the racially-motivated supermarket mass shooting.

“It’s important to me to establish a 5/14 commission and allow the mayor to convene the stakeholders and have them develop a plan to properly memorialize those individuals going forward forever,” said Gov. Hochul.

Prior to the mass shooting, Hochul, who is a Buffalo native, had pledged support to the East Buffalo community, including allocating about $1 billion to a restructuring project.