LeSean McCoy knows what you’re thinking.

He knows the football world thinks running backs can’t be effective past 30 years old and that his poor 2018 season–the season after McCoy hit the big 3-0–is just a confirmation.

It doesn’t bother McCoy. It fuels him.

“There’s always talk about something,” McCoy said. “It’s off the field. It’s age. It’s my salary. There’s always something. I learn to use that nowadays as motivation.”

McCoy spoke to the media for the first time during training after the final practice at St. John Fisher this season.

He’s heard all the rumors. Not just the “getting old” ones, but the ones about the Bills wanting to trade him, too.

“For the last two years, people have been saying that. If that was the case, I’d be gone. Two teams tried to get me,” McCoy said.

McCoy likes the Bills new offense. He raved about the depth on the offensive line. He called Josh Allen “extremely intelligent” and likes his toughness.

“Sometimes certain players might give him slack, but he’ll take it,” McCoy said. “He’s one of the quarterbacks that I’ve been around where he’ll take the bad and make it good.”

Even adding competition at running back has not shaken McCoy. Finally playing with good friend Frank Gore certainly helps. He has reluctantly (tongue in cheek) allowed Gore to be one of the few who can control a conversation with McCoy involved.

“We’re all competing. Making each other better,” McCoy said. “Me and Frank, we’ve been competing for years. We train together. We’re always trying to beat each other at everything we do. I was happy for the challenge.”

Having a challenge is a new situation for McCoy. His brother has been sending him articles about great athletes believed to be past their prime like Alex Rodriguez and Tom Brady.

Clearly, the man they call Shady has no belief he will be fading from moments in the sun anytime soon.

“Since I’ve been nine years old, I’ve been the top guy. So, it was even weird to hear stuff like that,” McCoy said. “The good thing is I learn how the media is. How you guys are. How people are. How fans are. I guess it’s just the NFL. It’s how it is. I’m fine with that.”

You can think what you want.