Twin hockey players suffer same injury at RIT

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - It doesn't take long to realize that twins Chase and Brady Norrish have a lot in common.

"Growing up together playing on the same teams together, class together, school together everything so yeah, he's unfortunately been there the whole time," said Chase.

"We're pretty similar he shoots right I shoot left is about the only difference," said Brady. 

But in the middle of last season they shared something they wish they didn't

"It was just an innocent hit that happened and I just felt a pop in my knee and I had no clue what that was," said Chase. "I had never felt it before."

That was Chase tearing his ACL, ending his junior year.

Then, three weeks later.

"I was going into the corner and go bumped a little from behind it was innocent I dragged my left leg behind me a little bit and I just kinda felt it give," said Brady.

After the period the team trainer got a better look at Brady's knee. 

"I go to him and go how does it look and he says it looks just like your brothers and I go you're kidding," said Brady.

Chase was watching the game with Brady's girlfriend and realized his brother never came back onto the ice 

"I ended up texting one of our friends who was sitting out at the game and I go 'Hey what happened to Brady?" And he goes I think it's his ACL" And I go HA HA yeah good one, nice try," said Chase. 

"I couldn't believe it really I knew it was my knee that was hurt but that's about it, it was just like you gotta be kidding sort of thing," said Brady.

"I remember my mom texting me that night too and she goes why do you guys have to do everything together," said Chase.  

Two torn ACL's meant rehabbing, together, just like always, to get back on the ice. 

"It was going to be a long road but its been a nice road to not have to do alone," said Brady.

"At the same time you wish he wasn't there with you but I mean if you gotta do it you mind as well do it together," said Chase.

We all know how competitive brothers can be and when asked who had the better rehab, Chase said himself, to which Brady laughed, adding,

'Well he had a two week head start."

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