IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. (WROC) — Irondequoit’s boys basketball coach Chris Cardon earned his 500th career win earlier this year. Cardon pulled out the dance move called ‘the worm’ to celebrate the feat.

“That’s my first time seeing him dance like that,” said Irondequoit point guard Ryan Heath. “It was surprising.”

Fellow senior guard Xavier Gissendanner echoed similar thoughts.

“It caught me off guard but I like it,” said Gissendanner.

What would it take, if anything for Cardon to bust out the moves for a round two?

“If they raise a brick, I’ll do whatever they want,” said Cardon.

After 37 years, three sectional titles, a state championship, and a short-lived breakdancing career, Cardon will retire at the conclusion of the 2022-23 season. Cardon stated that part of the reason he is stepping down is to give an opportunity to current JV coach, Kyle Trevas to run the program.

“I’m really hoping Kyle [Trevas] can get this job because he deserves it. He’s been very patient. He’s like a son to me. I just feel that we got some seniors that I’m really close with and he’s really close with the JV guys. He knows all the guys. He knows how we do things.”

Despite his lengthy resume on the court, it’s Cardon’s impact off the floor that his players felt the most.

“Generous, kind really,” said Heath. “He cares about basketball but really he wants you to be a great human being.”

Cardon added that he prides himself on being more than just basketball coach saying that he checks his players grades weekly and makes sure their on time for their classes.

The goal Cardon has for his team every single year are to be good people, good students, then good players. He emphasized that it needs to be in that exact order as well.

“Basketball is the vehicle that brought us together but our basketball is a lot more than just basketball,” said Cardon. “I find is years down the line when I hear from them when they get married, or if they graduate from college or if they have their first child. That’s when I hear from my players.”

It isn’t just Cardon’s last year with the basketball program. The Eagles have ten seniors on the team many of whom have played together since grade school.

“On and off the court it’s great chemistry,” said Gissendanner. “We play with each other outside of school. We practice hard.”

Gissendanner even had a nickname for the team that compares their situation to Michael Jordan’s last year in Chicago in 1998 when the team finally split up and went their separate ways.

“You know we call it the last dance,” said Gissendanner. “It’s a bittersweet feeling that it’s our last year so we know that we have to go out with a bang. We have to get this brick and make a state run.”

“This is one of my favorite group of guys,” said Cardon. “I don’t say what team’s the best but they’re just a lot of fun to be around.”

The Eagles are off to a 6-0 start with big wins over Sutherland and Mendon.