EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (WROC) — In the first six games of the year, the Bills only allowed one team, the Ravens, to run for 100 yards. But it’s happened in each of the last two weeks and it probably shouldn’t be a surprise that both Green Bay and New York found success.

Packers head coach Matt LaFleur runs their offense, his brother Mike is the Jets’ offensive coordinator. In fact, the Bills said they expected the Jets to do a lot of the same things the Packers succeeded with last week. They just once again couldn’t figure out a way to stop it as the Bills fell 20-17.

“They ran the ball on us and they had success. I really don’t know why,” said Von Miller. “I really don’t know why we couldn’t bottle it up. We’ve been playing the run really, really well up until last week.

“It’s hard to tell what it is right now but obviously, they had success so we’ve just got to improve on it,” said linebacker Tremaine Edmunds. “Look ourselves in the mirror and be honest and just get back to the drawing board.”

Injuries are one reason for the struggles. Jordan Poyer and Matt Milano both did not play and Tre’Davious White still hasn’t returned from his torn ACL. But that’s no excuse for the 174 yards the Bills gave up on 34 attempts.

“We’ve just got to do a better job on our side of the ball, being more gap-sound and being more fundamentally strong,” said defensive tackle DaQuan Jones. “It’s kind of back to the drawing board and go back there and watch the film tomorrow and see what we can fix.”

“That’s something we have to seriously look at,” said head coach Sean McDermott. “That’s where the game starts, up front. And run defense, you can’t allow a team to run the ball on you like that so give credit to them.”

The Bills were especially bad on the Jets’ final drive where they went 86 yards in 13 plays, chewing up over six minutes of the game clock. New York ran the ball ten times on that drive for 77 yards, leading to the game-winning field goal.

“That’s life in the NFL,” Edmunds said. “Things don’t always go your way but it’s about staying together as a team and making sure we’re not pointing fingers at one another and accepting it. That’s just really what it is, accepting it and understanding what we’ve got to do and come to practice with a mission on our mind.”

The Bills will certainly need to shore up their run defense soon as Dalvin Cook and the 7-1 Minnesota Vikings head to Orchard Park next week.