ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Since September, the policy at Blue Cross Arena was for everyone ages 12 and up to show proof of vaccination. Pegula Sports who manages the Blue Cross Arena, expanded their vaccination policy last week.

For games and events, everyone has to be vaccinated, including those between the ages of 5 to 11.

Wednesday was the first game where this took effect with the Rochester Amerks hitting ice against the Providence Bruins.

Josh Anna had his vaccine card all set to go to root for his Amerks, it’s his first time back here in a while. “Yeah, I’m excited to go, it’s my first time in two years going to an Amerks game,” he says.

Ryan and his friend Adam say knowing all here have at least some form of the vaccine, is a plus. 
“It makes sense. I see how people can be against it, but it’s good to be safe,” says Adam.

“With numbers rising with the COVID, it’s more stressful to go out to events, so knowing that everyone else here is vaccinated is kind of a comforting thing,” says Ryan.

And families say they’re feeling the joy of togetherness again. The policy, no problem. “We’re fully vaccinated, it’s nice to know everyone else is, too,” says Karen Sesine.

“It’s just great to bring my son to the hockey game and feel safe about it this year and we’re going to have a lot of fun tonight,” says Alan Schoneck.

“It feels great. It feels safe. We’ve taken all the precautions, all the safety measures that we can and we’re just trying to enjoy some family time,” says Hilda Loucks.

Jerry Mastrodoneto says it’s great to be here, but is concerned how COVID cases are skyrocketing. “Things are still open…but it seems like things are going in the wrong direction now with all the COVID cases that came out today,” he says.

This vaccination policy applies to Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres, Amerks, and Rochester Knighthawks games at the Blue Cross Arena, Key Bank Center, and Highmark Stadium.