Whether it’s this year at Southern Hills or next year at Oak Hill, the PGA of America is driven to make the PGA Championship exceptionally successful. There’s a constituency and a purpose that cannot be neglected.

“Our association is 28 thousand men and women around the country that are working on growing the game,” said Jim Richerson, the president of the PGA of America. “We utilize this event, it’s our biggest week of the year from a commercial standpoint.”

Richard said that some of the revenue the PGA of America generates from the PGA Championship is used to help grow the game of golf and for the members throughout the year.

“So we need it to be successful and make sure we go to facilities and communities that can partner to make it successful,” said Richerson.

Next year will be the 4th time Oak Hill and Rochester host the PGA Championship. The second most all time.

“It’s a membership,” said Richerson. “The community, the entire state really gets behind and rallies behind those events. When we have that type of relationship and partnership it’s really easy to keep coming back. “

Will the event be back after next year? The schedule change to May raises doubts.

But Richerson comes from a golf background and revels in the challengw weather can provide. He’s also quick with optimism for Rochester golf fans.

“We expect it’ll be a huge success,” said Richerson. “Anytime we have a huge success and really welcoming and easy partners to deal with those are individuals we want to keep doing business with. “