ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Major League Baseball hosted its inaugural Lou Gehrig Day on Wednesday, June 2 to honor “The Iron Horse” and bring awareness to the ALS disease.

The Toronto Blue Jays, playing in Buffalo, took part in the day. One local doctor from Rochester Regional Health says events like this are important for bringing an awareness to the disease and possibly more funding for research, and a cure.

“There is more research to be done and a day like Lou Gehrig Day and the Ice Bucket challenge from a few years ago are really excellent things because this is going to bring more awareness, it’s going to bring more research funding to this because it is still a very underfunded disease,” RRH and Unity Hospital Neurologist Dr. John Cullen said.

Blue Jay players wore bands around their arms to show their support for ALS and of course to honor Lou Gehrig — the famous New York Yankee’s player who retired from the game after developing the disease in 1939.