Major League Baseball has determined that the Red Sox have been stealing signs. 

The inquiry began when the Yankees (of course) submitted a complaint two weeks ago. The Yanks claimed a trainer was receiving messages via his Apple Watch and relaying them to Red Sox players in the dugout. 

The story was first reported by the New York Times. 

Baseball confronted the Red Sox and the franchise admitted trainers were receiving signals from video replay personnel for weeks. 

Boston responded by submitting their own complaint about the Yankees claiming they use a camera from their team network, YES, to steal signs.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred downplayed the egregiousness of Boston’s sign stealing.

He noted that baseball currently has no rule against stealing signs. Using electronic means to do so is where teams can get in trouble. 

It’s unlikely either team will have to vacate wins for the transgressions. At this point, there was no discussion of any punishment.