Tip of the Week: Don’t try so hard

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In golf or in life, the lesson is the same: Don’t try so hard.

If your golf swing goes bad, fixing it is not as impossible as it seems. Paul Sanders from Ridgemont Country Club can explain more in our Western NY PGA Tip of the Week.


“When you’re trying to work on the full swing, put the ball up on a tee. Keep it easy, stress free.

One of the best golfers that ever walked this planet, Tiger Woods, when he would make changes with Hank Haney, he had the ball off a tee for a full year.

The better you get with your wedges that will start filtering over into your full swing. Basically, making that same motion with a hybrid now as I was with the sand wedge. You can do the same thing with a fairway wood. You can do it all the way up to your driver.

Slow swings will allow you to learn a skill much faster and control your effort level. Keep your hands and arms a little bit more quiet and start gradually ramping up, seeing if you can keep the ball in play, and then learn what effort can I put in to the excersize and still acheive predictability.

Most tour players are not swinging at 100% all the time. There are a lot of touch and feel shots. There are a lot of half and three quarter shots that they are trying to hit.

In our mind, we think at 60% now we’re swinging easy, but athletically we might have before been swinging at 80% or 90% which is probably to much to have control, so were trying to get it somewhere in between. It’s incredible how far the ball can go with such little effort.”

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