ERIE, PA (WROC) — Three students, including at least one Rochester-area player, are facing charges for a fight between two basketball teams near Erie, Pennsylvania.

In April, a video obtained by our sister station in Erie, WJET, showed an on-court brawl between players for a Rochester-area team and Erie after a game at McDowell High School in Millcreek.

Among the Rochester players were three East High students. One parent told News 8 that a heated argument between a Rochester player and an Erie parent led to the brawl.

During the game, the parent also said there was a lot of trash talk.

Tuesday, police announced charges stemming from the fight: Two players will be charged with harassment and one with simple assault. No further information for the players was made available.

Officers tell News 8 that investigators were unable to determine if an epithet from either side led to the fight.