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Nick Gordon's music career gives him balance on and off the diamond

Twins prospect comes from a All Star baseball family

ROCHESTER - Nick Gordon has baseball in his blood, raised by MLB All-Stars.

His father Tom pitched in the majors for 21 years and his older brother is Dee won the National League batting title in 2015.

"I talk to Dee pretty much every day. My dad as well," says Gordon. "It's always about the game. It's constructive criticism. Even on good days, there's always something you can do better."

While they share a love for the game, Nick found another passion in middle school.


"Playing a sport. I wouldn't say it's a bad thing have something that you can go to and sometimes get your mind off the game," added the 22-year-old.

He goes by G Cinco and last year released an EP titled "I do it all."

His music video for his song 'I'm the man' currently has over a quarter of a million views on YouTube, he says by accident.

"My friend ended up putting the video and social media and man it was crazy," laughed Gordon.

Gordon doesn't call a music a distraction. He says a distraction takes your focus away from getting things done. Instead, Gordon sees his music career as beneficial and something that has brought a sense of balance to his life.

"For me, it's an outlet and it's fun. It's definitely something that even helped with my game in a sense of it's a grind as well. You put in work and it teaches you," says the Twins top prospect. "Everything humbles you. It teaches you life lessons."

When asked where he wants his music career to go, Gordon says he'll do it for fun during the offseason but laughed adding, "I've got workouts. Those are more important than being on tour."

 "A lot of people do different things. Guys play basketball. Guys golf. For me, music is the same thing. I don't know it's just something I fell in love with," smiled Gordon.

In an All-Star caliber family that's made their name with a bat and ball, Nick Gordon finds a way to express himself with a microphone.



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