Sean McDermott hears the fans. 

He knows they are clamoring for a quarterback change after the Bills’ dismal offensive showing in a 47-10 loss to the Saints Sunday. 

The line of pitchforks and torches starts right behind Nate Peterman. Many fans, seemingly, won’t rest until Peterman is the starter and Tyrod Taylor is banished to the hills.

McDermott doesn’t even completely disagree (Not with the torches and pitchforks stuff. I added that for effect). 

“I understand where the fans are coming from,” McDermott said Monday. “Nate is a good player. He did some good things yesterday.” 

Peterman led the Bills to their only touchdown drive against New Orleans eons after the outcome had been decided. He even passed for more yards in two drives (79 to 56) than Taylor had the rest of the game. 

However, there is no change coming. McDermott didn’t even give the hint of a waver on that decision.  

“I know what Tyrod’s done. I also know what Nate’s done,” McDermott said. “I believe in Tyrod. Tyrod is our starter.”

The Saints said after their dismantling of the Bills the plan was to keep Taylor in the pocket and make him a quarterback. It’s not the first time an opponent has openly discussed and succeeded with this strategy.

It doesn’t change McDermott’s opinion.  

“Over the years, plans get out there just like a pitcher in baseball,” McDermott said. “The longer you’re on tape… when there’s a bad day, people say is that the blueprint. Certainly, we have to pay attention to that.”

The Bills will pay attention to it, but won’t bench their quarterback for it. At least, not yet. 

Just as they’ll handle the demands of Buffalo fans.