CLIFTON SPRINGS, N.Y. (WROC) — Golfers play for years in search of that elusive hole-in-one, dreaming about walking up to the green and plucking the ball out of the hole.

Now, imagine hitting the shot of your life and finding two balls in the hole, all because your friend hit a hole-in-one in the group in front of you without even knowing it.

That’s what happened to Kathy DeJohn-Pierce and Carole Oaks.

Oaks’ hole-in-one story isn’t too out of the ordinary. She stepped up the 16th hole at Clifton Springs Country Club, which plays at 141 yards. Driver in hand, she took aim at the pin and hit a good shot.

She didn’t see where it ended up and her playing partner Diane Clark suggested she might have hit it in the hole.

“I grab my pitching wedge, I grab my putter, I’m sure it rolled off,” Oaks recalled.

That’s when Clark decided to go to the hole and look for a ball. That’s where she found not one, but two balls.

“I’m like, ‘that’s gotta be Kathy’s!'” said Clark.

DeJohn-Pierce was playing in the group in front of them with her father.

“It was a hazy day so I didn’t really see it. I knew I hit it good,” said DeJohn-Pierce, who hit a 5-hybrid. “I looked in the trap because that’s where I normally go and it wasn’t there. I walked around the green, I didn’t see it.”

With her ball nowhere in sight, she was content in just driving to the next hole

DeJohn-Pierce’s dad is 94 years old, so he doesn’t often finish out holes where the green is elevated and tougher to walk up to.

But before they drove off, he made sure to tell his daughter to look in the hole first. She balked at the suggestion.

“He told me three times to look in the cup and then he got mad at me, so we left,” said DeJohn-Pierce.

So Carole had to flag her down after the round to let her know she hit the shot of her life about a half-hour ago.

“I don’t think she could believe it, it was the best part!” exclaimed Oaks.

The two briefly argued about the merits of a hole-in-one that you drove away from after the fact before concluding that it would of course count as an ace.

“I’ve been playing golf off-and-on for 55 years and I didn’t see the most important shot of my life,” DeJohn-Pierce said.

Now the last person in this story to find out about the hole-in-one was DeJohn-Pierce’s dad. He had already gone home by the time all of this was revealed. So DeJohn-Pierce had to go over to his house and let him know that, they had found her ball, exactly where he said it was.

“He said ‘I told you you got a hole-in-one! You know, you’re supposed to listen to your father!'” said DeJohn-Pierce. “So he was right, again.”

“It’s memorable to me because I was with my dad,” said DeJohn-Pierce. “My brother’s done it, my nephews have done it, so finally me.”

There were actually three holes-in-one hit on July 11th at Clifton Springs, with Bob Lazenby hitting an ace on hole 13 earlier in the day.