IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. (WROC) — Bishop Keaney alum Jojo Gause has had NFL aspirations his entire life. But it wasn’t until his senior season at Indiana University of Pennsylvania when those dreams became a little more realistic.

“I was dominating and becoming a great teammate and noticing things even before my coach noticed them,” says Gause.

Despite his gaudy numbers at the DII school, he’d need to perform well at a pro day to get some extra attention. At a pro day, players have their athleticism tested in various drills such as the 40-yard dash and the bench press. The pro day is especially important for those not invited to the NFL combine. But his school’s and his conference’s pro day both got canceled. 

“After the first one was canceled, I was like alright, I’ve got the next one,” says Gause. “And then after that was canceled, I was like, alright, I gotta control what I can control.” 

But that’s when Bruce Johnson and Jojo’s brother Quentin, two people who have made it to the NFL, stepped in and organized a pro day for local Rochester players.

“They’ve got the film but they want to see them in person,” says Quentin. “So this is the closest we can get to it.”

It’s a long journey to go from Rochester to the NFL, but it’s a process Jojo knows well after seeing his brother make it with the Broncos.

“He’s seen the whole process from when I was in high school to going to college to the NFL, so he’s seen it,” says Quentin. “I think him being in it, though, I’m just encouraging him as much as possible.”

“It gives you hope and faith that it could happen, and seeing some of my teammates and friends get there as well,” says Jojo.

Jojo’s gotten plenty of advice from his brother, but the most impactful is simple— you get out what you put in.

“Just don’t stop and continue to push and take advantage of each day,” says Jojo.

Gause will hope to wow scouts, virtually, tomorrow morning alongside some of Rochester’s finest. The pro day is closed to the public.