Former Buffalo Bills offensive guard Richie Incognito is now a spokesperson for an anti-bullying organization.

Incognito posted two videos of himself on Twitter Monday announcing that he is joining Boo2Bullying as a national ambassador.

In the video, Incognito says he’s treated people the wrong way. He explained that, as an NFL lineman who worked in the trenches, he had to survive a world where it’s “eat or be eaten.”

“I’ve said some things in the past that I thought were edgy and funny, but really hurt people’s feelings.” Incognito said. “Even though these were people I cared about and considered friends, I said things to them that affected them. Likewise, I’ve had things said to me that have affected me, the big tough football guy.”

Incognito, who retired from the NFL in April, was suspended in 2013. He was accused of harassing then teammate Johnathan Martin while playing for the Miami Dolphins. 

Incognito says that he is sorry for his behavior and there is no excuse for it.

“This apology right here doesn’t make any conduct prior to this appropriate,” he said. “But moving forward, what I want to do is I want to impact people’s lives.”

He also explained why he decided to join Boo2Bullying.

“I am committed to helping, to eradicate bullying and intolerance. As part of the Boo2Bullying team. I will bring all my passion ability to this fight.”

Incognito also mentioned that life is a journey and a learning process. 

He will be holding a fundraiser for Boo2Bullying this Thursday in Los Angeles.

Incognito played for the Bills, Dolphins, and St. Louis Rams during his NFL career.