The Gates-Chili Spartans admit last season was not easy, finishing with a 3-6 record and another season outside the Section V playoffs.

The Spartans also played every game away from home while a new stadium was built at school.

Move to 2019 and the wait was worth it as the Spartans are chomping at the bit to start playing at their new facility.

“I’ve been waiting forever to get on the turf,” said senior running back and linebacker Blake Palozzi. “Watching it through the year getting built and not being able to play on here for football or lacrosse the last year was terrible.”

Gates-Chili is on the road at Churchville-Chili to begin the season. They will play their first game on their new field in Week 2 against Brighton at 7:00 on September 13th.

“We’ve got to take it with pride,” said senior wide receiver Devin Walton. “We have to have it mean something to us so we have to protect it, make it ours.”

It’s been 11 years since their last Section V title. With only 29 players on the roster, the Spartans have an uphill climb in a jam-packed Class A. The players are ready to show their gratitude for all that went into bringing a new stadium to their school.

“It means a lot that they do this to bring us closer, have a better bond between us and the school,” said junior quarterback Blake Siplin. “Crazy, a lot of energy, hype, excitement, I’m excited for this year.”