The Rochester Red Wings have announced new security measures at Frontier Field for the upcoming season.

Under the new security initiatives, Frontier Field will have handheld metal detector inspections for those entering the facility, and Frontier will also be a completely smoke-free zone, banning both tobacco and e-cigarettes.

There will no longer be a designated smoking area and fans will not be able to smoke on the grounds anywhere. This can create a bit of a security issue with people leaving to smoke and then re-entering, according to General Manager Dan Mason.

There will be no re-entry once people leave. Mason also says the added security practices are becoming the norm at sporting venues across the nation, and their use is recommended by law enforcement agencies.

“And I think we’ll have signage to prepare people for what’s expected when they get up to the wands so you’ll take your cell phone out of your pocket, keys out of your pocket, hold those and the whole process should be quicker. And people are used to this,” said Mason.

Mason also says there will be a separate line for those with no bags, making entry more expeditious. The 2019 season swings away starting April 4.

The first Red Wings home game will be at Frontier Field on April 11.