Last month at World Of Inquiry, Jahdiel DeJesus and the tennis team showed us there is more to varsity sports than winning and losing.

Teams can provide a sense of family away from home. We found that again at Marion this month, where the symbol for the softball team is a letter.

Written by a fourth grader.

It’s titled: The best softball team ever.

You guys are the best. You are my favorite team ever. You guys are like more than sisters to me and you guys are very nice. I hope to see you again next year. Love your biggest fan.

Jenna Crego wrote that letter six years ago when she was sick and tired of watching her brothers baseball games. She’s now a junior on the Marion softball team and that letter she wrote has now been read every since year since.

“It just made me so compassionate towards sports and like building that bond with a team,” smiled Crego.

“When you’re writing something like that think it’s a little insignificant and it’s the small things that really matter,” said Isabela Vargas.

“That piece of paper kind of symbolizes we’ve stuck together,” laughed senior Carley Randall.

“I’m really honored by it,” grinned Crego ear to ear. “That it represents something further than what I was thinking six years ago.”

“It gives you a little small remember that maybe the sport isn’t all about winning,” added Vargas.

“They showed me, yes you have a family that you’re related to but you also have a family outside of that. I have a softball family,” smiled Crego.

“The other day we were talking about how we’re actually graduating and gunna leave and I got all stressed out I was like, ‘Oh my God I don’t wanna leave you guys,” giggled Randall.

When you think about all the pieces of paper you’ve thrown out in your lifetime know there’s one with the Black Knights softball team that means: Family.