After so many tumultuous seasons, “Down & Drought” turns to the first year of the Rex Ryan Era. For the penultimate episode, Prescott and Thad are once again joined by Matthew Fairburn of and the Post-Standard.

The Bills began 2015 without a head coach or a quarterback. Soon, with a tap on a microphone, the entire Bills organization flipped on it’s head. Rex Ryan brought flash, controversy, and attention to WNY, but little else. Tyrod Taylor quickly went from an unknown backup to the starting QB, but he could only pull off so many elusive tricks before injuries claimed part of his season. One of the league’s best defenses in 2014 became a shell of itself the following season with no shortage of blame to go around.

If you’ve missed any previous episode, here’s a handy playlist:

“In times like the present men should utter nothing for which they would not willingly be responsible through time and in eternity.” – A. Lincoln, 1862.