Jarron Jones terrorized quarterbacks in college at Notre Dame.

Now, he’s protecting them in the NFL.

The Aquinas grad is switching from defensive line to offensive line in camp with the Giants. The change has been a process and a steady challenge, but Jones says it’s one he’s embracing.

“Honestly I’m not where I wanna be, but thats driving me to get better and to come to practice and learn something and work at something each and everyday,” Jones said. “I’m not like all the other guys where they’re pretty much just shining their technique. I’m actually learning something. Learning something I’ve never done before.”

Jones says his knowledge and experience on defense has helped ease the transition to offense. He just has to shut his ears.

“I kinda have to force myself not to listen to defensive calls. They scream out the call and I know what it is and I’m like, ‘Oh gosh.’ I know exactly what’s about to happen,” Jones said. “I try and force myself not to listen and just trying to force myself to play the game honestly and learn just straight up learn.  

I really feel like I have the potential to be a really good tackle. My head coach believes that in me. My offensive line coach believes that in me as well, so it’s all about showing improvement.”

When the Giants first told Jones they wanted him to play left tackle, Jones was just happy he didn’t get cut.

“I’ll do anything to stay on this team. Even be the waterboy. It’s a blessing to be here and I’m going to attack it.”

By making sure no can attack Eli Manning.