VICTOR , N.Y. (WROC) — When Connor Williams was growing up, his doctor’s told him he would grow to be 7’2’’. 

“If they’re right there’s still a few inches left,” said Williams with a smile. 

The Victor senior stands at 7’0’’ right now, but his game is so much more than just being tall. 

“Connor is head and shoulders more skilled than any seven-footer I’ve ever been around or any post player I’ve ever been around,” said Tyler Roberts, his head coach.

Williams is a gifted passer out of the post and is shooting almost 50 percent from three-point range this season. 

“I don’t need to rely on my height to be successful and I have such a good basketball IQ where I know where to go with the ball when I’m double-teamed and I know when I can shoot,” said Williams.

Connor’s skills and size drew the eyes of recruiters for both basketball and football, receiving D2 interest in both sports. When it came time to focus on one, he just listened to his heart. 

“I really love basketball more and I think that would be a better fit for me for the next four years and I want to do that,” said Williams.

His coach says the sky is the limit for his career, both because of his abilities and what he brings to the team. 

“He knows exactly what we want to do, how we want to play, so he’s like having a coach out on the court,” said Roberts.

The Blue Devils enter the Class Double A tournament as the top seed, hungry to redeem themselves after last year’s semifinal exit. 

“It’s really exciting to get that chance and try and prove everyone wrong,” said Williams.

And if they go all the way, their center will be a big reason why.