ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Section V had a number of incredible moments and performances by student athletes from around the region this season so we wanted to recognize some of those outstanding achievement in a News 8 sports special, the Section V Best: Fall Awards Show.

This isn’t just an all-star show or an all-star special either. We wanted to shine a spotlight on more than just the five or ten players known as “the best.”

We’ll still name a player of the year for each sport, but for most, we have two other categories.

We’ll introduce you to the Rookie of the Year — the athlete who had the biggest impact, despite playing barely any time at the varsity level before this season.

And we’ll also introduce the Comeback Player of the Year — an athlete that recently overcame some sort of personal hardship to return and make a contribution at the varsity level.

Not every sport has a winner in every category, but the athletes that were honored all merit the award and all the praise that goes with it.

And a reminder, this is just the beginning. We’ll do this again in the winter and the spring, leading up to our big summer blockbuster awards show where we will honor the best high school athletes of the entire school year, in a variety of categories, beyond what you’ll see tonight.

We’d also like to thank our partners at Section V and UR Medicine for making this awards special possible, and a huge thank you to all the coaches and athletic directors who make sure these kids get the best sports experience possible.