Remember the name: Seven McGee

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Remember the name: Seven McGee.

He’s a sophomore four-star recruit and is already committed to Oregon. His future seems bright, but it wasn’t always that way. McGee’s dreams of playing college football were humbled when he only played modified in 8th grade at Leadership Academy.

“When I played modified a lot of people doubted me. A lot of people talked about me,” he explains. “I took it all in. All that pain and suffering, people calling me names. All the bullying.  I remember just sitting in my room hoping one day I can make something of myself.”

A couple years ago, McGee met fellow Rochester native and Super Bowl champion Roland Williams. He attended his Champion Academy where Williams offered him a deal.

“He told me all I had to do was stay focused and keep on the right path and then he’d see what he could do. And then one day, I was doing what I had to do and Williams said,  “I can change your life,” smiled McGee.”

“I said, “Okay, let’s do this.”

So, McGee left Rochester, his mom, dad, and six sisters, enrolled in a prep school in California. He had never played a snap of varsity football at the time and gambled on himself.

“Work, school, work, school, work, school — that’s all it really was,” he recalls. “It hurt. It wasn’t all cookies and cream, it hurt. Not having your family to back you up. Sometimes I’d cry at night because I wanted to go home. I’d call my mom 24/7.”

One thousand yards, 12 touchdowns,  seven scholarship offers and one year later, McGee wanted to return home to East High, more motivated than ever.

“If I do these things for the next couple years,” McGee said. “Then my life has changed. Then my mom don’t have to worry about paying bills or care notes.”

McGee says he’s recycled the pain of doubters and leaving his family for a year to make his dreams come true and so you’ll remember his name.

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