ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — After going 4-17 a season ago, the Franklin boys basketball team have flipped the switch and turned into one of the must-see teams in Section V.

“We wanted to bring the swagger back,” said Joe Jackson, Jr., the Bulldogs head basketball coach. “The swagger has been gone since the late great Trent Jackson was here and his powerhouse teams.”

Sitting at 10-5, the Bulldogs are off to their best start in over a decade and a big reason why is the play of the Thompson twins. But with Terence standing at 6’7 and Clarence at 6’2, there is nothing identical about their play on the court.

“Terence is a rim protector,” said Jackson, Jr. “Anything in the paint he’s sending it the other direction. Clarence is a sharpshooter and real good defender. These guys probably are the catalyst of the team. They kind of make us go.”

While their play on the court is different, both of the twins share the same competitive drive. 

“I am,” said Clarence Thompson when asked who is the better player. “I’m better bro. I just dunk better that’s all. I shoot better. I dribble better.”

Terence Thompson echoed similar thoughts stating that he felt that he was a better basketball player as well. However, Terence took it one step further.

“I’m better than him at Call of Duty and video games in general too,” said Terence Thompson.

Jackson added that players like the Thompson twins are vital to Franklin High School. Not just on the court, but off of it as well. In particular the image they hold of something positive in the Rochester community.

“I’m proud of them even though things aren’t the greatest here at Franklin,” said Jackson. “But we want to be that shining light and bring some positive energy to Franklin.”

Jackson advised everyone out there to get their Dawg Pound T-Shirts because he says they’re taking off from here. The Bulldogs are searching for their first sectional title since 2001.