BRIGHTON, N.Y. (WROC) — The McQuaid Knights stayed undefeated with a 32-31 overtime win thanks to a gutsy call and a must-see play.

In overtime against Brighton, the Bruins scored first to take a 31-24 lead. McQuaid quickly answered with running back John Harding scoring a six-yard rushing touchdown.

Opting to try and win the game, the Knights went for the two-point conversion. The Knights gave it to their stud running back, but Harding was stopped behind the line of scrimmage. While being held up by multiple Bruin defenders, Harding pitched it back to his quarterback Will DiMarco. DiMarco took the lateral and sprinted to the right pylon and dove in, extending the ball over for the game-winning score.

The Knights got to overtime thanks to a furious comeback in regulation. Brighton kicked a field goal with 3:39 remaining in the game to take a 24-14 lead. McQuaid got into the red zone on the ensuing drive, but was stopped and had to kick a field goal with 2:05 to play.

The Bruins got about eight yards on their first play but were stuffed the next two runs and punted on 4th and 1. McQuaid got the ball back with 1:36 and marched down the field and scored an 18-yard passing touchdown from DiMarco to Harding, who made a great sideline catch in the end zone.

Brighton scored with ease on their first possession in overtime, making way for the McQuaid’s dramatics to win the game.

McQuaid (7-0) will take on rival Aquinas on Saturday, October 21st to try and cap off their undefeated regular season. The game will be played at 6:15 p.m. at the University of Rochester’s Fauver Stadium. Brighton (4-3), a Class A team that took the four-time defending Class AA champs to overtime, will close out their regular season with a trip to Irondequoit on Friday, October 20th.