EAST ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) —  ‘No one fights alone’ is the East Rochester field hockey team’s motto.

Those words rang true throughout Hannah Griffith’s battle with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Diagnosed in August of 2017, the now senior captain received an experimental treatment at the University of North Carolina this winter.

The treatment worked. Griffith learned she was finally cancer free this August, just in time for her senior field hockey season.

“I was so excited to hear I was in remission,” said Griffith. “I was hopeful the whole time I was in North Carolina the treatment would work.”

No one was happier to hear Hannah was in remission than her younger sister and teammate Leah, a sophomore for the Lady Bombers.

“We’ve been fighting this for so long, I’m so grateful that after all of these years of battling cancer has paid off,” said Leah.

Hannah’s teammates were also elated to hear the news, and she credits them with helping her through her darkest days of treatment.

“When I texted them, they were all so excited,” said Hannah. “It was so nice to tell them that because they’re so supportive. They’re always there for me, even now at practice if I’m having a bad day.”

Field hockey provides the Griffith sisters with a sense of normalcy. Hannah and Leah would go out to the turf at East Rochester in the middle of the night to practice stick skills, bond, and escape the rest of the world.

Even in an unusual season due to COVID-19, Hannah is just excited to finally be healthy for her senior season. Her goal is the same as the rest of her teammates, get to sectionals while enjoying what field hockey they can play.

“I’m most of all just excited to be playing,” Hannah said smiling. “Our team is all returners, so I’m hoping I can show everyone what we can do.”