ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Back in 2005, Gerard Iglesia felt that basketball camps were too expensive for kids in the area. So his wife, Karen, gave him a call to action.

“I said stop complaining and start your own,” said Karen Iglesia. “Like literally I said that stop complaining and start your own.”

Gerard did just that. He founded the Coach Iglesia free basketball camp for Rochester kids to attend.

After running the free camp for 14 years, Karen and Gerard wanted to do more. They decided to begin a social media platform, Primetime 585, to shine a light on basketball players who they thought deserved more love.

“You know we’d be at games and he’d be like this kid took three charges, but that won’t show up in the box score,” said Karen Iglesia. “Or this kid did a hockey assist.”

But the duo decided that basketball wasn’t enough so they began covering football. Then hockey and in the spring lacrosse until they covered all sports.

“We made that decision,” said Karen Iglesia. “Then all the schedules started coming in volleyball, soccer, bowling, fishing, is that a sport? Then I looked at Gerard I was like uh oh I think we messed up.”

Despite the time commitments and unfamiliarity with certain sports, they stuck with it and learned something in the process.

“Section five kids taught me all about lacrosse, hockey,” said Karen Iglesia. “Before this I had never been to a hockey game. I’d never been to a lacrosse game.”

Now Primetime 585 is a local celebrity in the high school sports community. But Karen said that status isn’t what motivates them. She said the passion comes from wanting to use sports to bridge communities together.

“After the season ends, my inbox they thank you,” said Karen Iglesia. “The parents thank you. But it’s just seeing kids thrive. That’s our high. That’s really our high.”

When asked about the future of their social media platform, Karen said that they big long-term goals.

“I envision a Primetime 315, Primetime 716 and maybe even a Primetime 212,” said Karen Iglesia.

Primetime 585 posts their content on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.