On Friday, Ravenwood Golf Club announced they would be open on Sunday.

That was all the motivation Rochester needed.

The golf club hosted approximately 140 rounds both Sunday and Monday as local golfers took advantage of sunny, breezy weather with temps near 70 degrees.

“This is great. Everybody is so happy and just excited to be out there,” said Ravenwood GM Mike Roeder. “Nobody’s complaining about anything because they’re just out there having fun.”

After two terrible springs, Roeder and other course managers are happy and excited to see golfers so much money being spent on golf this early in the season. A normal weekend day in the summer would do about 200 rounds of golf.

These are gloriously busy days for the second week of March.

Course managers do not spend their February nights praying for an early spring to boost their bottom line. They have to take a big picture approach.

“We try to look at this business in a five year scenario,” Roeder said. “You get some years where you open early. You get some years where you don’t open early. What affects this business is if the weather’s bad on weekends or if a lot of leagues get rained out. If the weather’s good for the leagues and good on the weekends, it’s gonna be a good year for everybody.”

In fact, Roeder says last golf season was one the best Ravenwood has ever had, despite many courses being soaked through all of April. As he pointed out, good weather on summer weekends made up for any spring time losses and then some.

However, it never hurts to be ahead of the game with busy days in March and April. It certainly seems like that’s the forecast.

It’s refreshing change for both Rochester golfer and course manager alike.