ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WROC) — Isaiah McKenzie said he was numb to the pain of the Bills’ third straight playoff exit. Like many other players, he felt like this was not when the team should be heading home.

After a game where the Bills high powered offense produced only 10 points, McKenzie did not hold back assessing what went wrong.

“They came out there and they ran straight through us,” said the wide receiver. “We talk about how we want home field advantage through the playoffs and we get what we want and we don’t show up. It looks bad on us and it’s like, when is enough, enough? We were helpless. They were just having their way with us. That’s not Buffalo Bills football.”

Now the Bills must try to fix things going forward. As you might imagine, solutions are in short supply for now. Dawson Knox called it the golden question.

“It’ll take some digging to get to the bottom of it,” said tight end Dawson Knox. “But I think I’m speaking for the locker room when we say that we have faith in those trying to fix the problems.”

“Beane and McDermott are bringing in the right guys, great players,” said McKenzie. “Von Miller, Stefon Diggs, we got Josh. Gabe is coming along, things like that. The defense is doing well. I’m trying to figure that out, what is it? What do we have to do?”

Sunday’s defeat was far different from last year’s playoff exit where it felt like they would have continued on if a coinflip went their way. However, the feeling in the locker room is the same.

“It sucks feeling like you’re close and not being able to accomplish it,” said Josh Allen. “I know it’s been the last three years with a very similar feeling. We’ve got to continue to push forward. Find a way to get over this hump.”

“Just because we lost to the Bengals it doesn’t diminish the type of team we have, it doesn’t diminish our position in this league,” said Von Miller. “We have a really good team and our window is still open. Brighter days are definitely ahead for us.”

McKenzie said the hardest part is that the Bills have to wait all the way until next season to get things right, but this cycle of playoff losses has to end.

“If we come back next year and it’s the same thing,” McKenzie said. “That’s what I don’t want.”