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PITTSFORD, N.Y. (WROC) — The Bills front office was busy during the off season surrounding Josh Allen with play makers and protection. 

The most expensive addition was center Mitch Morse.

Fans may not know he is now the highest paid player on the Bills offense.

When asked what he bought when he signed a contract guaranteeing him over $26 million, Morse said, “Old Navy. I went and got a bunch of Old Navy clothes.” 

Mitch Morse isn’t one for flair. His style goes back to his days at Missouri, where he earned the nickname “Dad” from his teammates.

“I lost my hair at a very early age and I carried myself like an old man. It’s who I am,” Morse said. “It caught on like fire and it followed me to Kansas City and I’m sure it’ll follow me here. It’s a point of pride for me, being an old man.”

The Bills are banking on this old soul to also bring wisdom and be the centerpiece of an offensive line that could have five new starters week one. Morse wants to use this time at Fisher to build consistency on the offensive line.

“It’s not going to be perfect every day.” Morse said. “There are so many things … that I need to work on. It’s exciting at the same time there is a sense of urgency. It’s not panic, by any means, but it’s urgent.”

Working with second year quarterback Josh Allen is similar to the situation Morse found himself in last year as the center for league MVP Patrick Mahomes. He says similarities are easy to spot.

“When you have that competitive edge and you’re a good teammate, and guys want to go to battle for you and you have that will to be better, both those guys have that and there are more similarities than differences,” Morse said. 

Morse considers Allen to be a salt-of-the-earth kind of guy. Building camaraderie as soon as possible is vital.

“It’s not built overnight, trust is not built overnight,” Morse said. “He needs to know that he can trust me to do my job and that’s only done by showing you can do it on the field.”

Morse admits it was tough for him and his family to leave their support system in Missouri, but they’ve fallen in love with Western NY and signing a big free agent deal is a point of pride.

“Life brings about certain crosses for you to bear. By having financial security, you get to alleviate some of those burdens. Life is still going to throw stuff at you. I’m sure I still have my fair share, but in the financial department, I think for right now we are in a very secure place. It’s a blessing for sure,” Morse said. 

Life is good for the man called “Dad.”

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