ORCHARD PARK N.Y. (WROC) — Von Miller was so excited to get back to practice this week that he had butterflies in his stomach just watching film.

Miller made his return to the practice field on Wednesday after suffering a torn ACL last Thanksgiving against the Lions.

“I’m happy to be back. I’m happy to be around my teammates,” said Miller. “It feels like I’ve been away from them for so long and I see them each and every day. I’m in the film room, I’m in the locker room, I’m in the training room each and every day. But it feels like I’ve been separated from those guys for so long. It feels good to be back in “gen pop” and back with all the other guys. It feels like riding a bike. An old bike, but it felt like I was hopping back on the bike again and getting out there with my teammates.”

Sean McDermott reiterated that the team would continue to take it one day at a time when it comes to whether or not Miller will play Sunday against the Jaguars. But McDermott was still impressed with Miller’s journey to get this far.

“I don’t think I’ve seen a guy with such a positive mindset, mental toughness, just really goal-oriented on getting back and getting healthy and getting out on the field,” said McDermott.

“It’s just like starting training camp all over again,” said Miller. “You put your pads on for the first time, no matter how long you’ve been playing football you’ve got to really get back in the motion.”

“The juice that he brings for the guys. The trust that everybody has in him, he’s the ultimate closer,” said Josh Allen. “Whenever he’s ready to go, we’re going to welcome him with open arms and put him back there and hopefully he can pin his ears back and go get the quarterback.”

Miller returns to practice with the Bills at 3-1 coming off a statement win against the Dolphins. The team’s pass rush has also shined so far this season, with the team tied for the most sacks in the league with 16. It gives Miller even more reason to take things slow.

“I’m coming into a team that is running on full cylinders,” said Miller. “I’m coming into a great situation so whatever they think is right, that’s what I’ll do.”

“If they feel like it’s best for me then I’ll play,” said Miller. “I want to play. They’re calling the shots. If they want me to play I am happy and ready to play. If they don’t and they want to wait until next week against the Giants, then I’ll do that as well.”

While Miller was cleared for football activities before the season started, the Bills thought it was best to start him on the PUP list. He supported that decision, one McDermott said Miller approached with a championship mindset. It’s a mindset he continues to have

“It’s not a time to be a “macho man” right now,” said Miller. “I just want to get back into the mix and get back in the flow and get in a rhythm.”