KANSAS CITY, MO (WROC) — It’s no secret that the Bills have been a much better running team of late. Over their past six games, Buffalo has averaged over 163 yards a game on the ground.

You hear players say all the time that you have to ignore the outside noise. In this case listening to the noise might have been the difference.

“The narrative of the world for the Buffalo Bills is they can’t run,” said Dion Dawkins. “They can’t run the football, the o-line isn’t good enough, the running backs suck, all this crazy stuff.”

Dawkins added that the coaches brought it to their attention that the narrative was that the run game in particular the offensive line was struggling.

“We took it personal and we also took it pridefully that this is our job and we had to get it done right,” said Dawkins.

In a passionate tone, the fifth year tackle out of Temple said that the world dropped them on their head and it was on the offensive line as a unit to pick each other.

“It’s literally just no disrespect but it’s just F everybody and focus on ourselves,” said Dawkins. “Like we don’t need anybody to tell us that we’re good and that we’re doing a good job anymore, it’s on us.”

It’s an unit that’s brimming with confidence heading into one of their stiffest tests yet against a Chiefs front featuring second team All-Pro defensive lineman Chris Jones.

“I’mma tell Mitch that Mitch’s doing a great job, Mitch is gonna tell me that I’m doing a great job, I’mma tell Spencer, Daryl’s gonna tell Bates and it’s just going to keep going around in a big circle,” said Dawkins.