The life of a franchise QB: Josh Allen talks commercials, acting, being in the spotlight

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Buffalo's QB1 embraces his fans while trying to shy away from the extra attention

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WROC) — Josh Allen has discovered that life as an NFL mega-star means calling ahead to reserve a private table for a night out to dinner. But, there’s one thing that never happens.

“What I absolutely hate is name-dropping,” said Allen. “I think it’s the worst thing ever. Internally that just rots at me.”

While getting noticed out might get a little tiring at times, he realizes his fans are coming from a good place.

“It’s so out of love and the fans are so loyal and they just want to say hello and try to take a picture and stuff like that, so I get it,” said Allen.

The fourth-year QB’s story is classic America. From humble beginnings to the top of his profession and as a result, a commercial star.

He’s also joined Pepsi to offer Bills fans an augmented reality experience. At, Allen can pop into your living room and help cook pulled pork on gameday.

“I think I kind of wanted to give back to Bills fans,” said Allen of the partnership. “They’re extremely loyal. Giving them that experience of feeling like I’m there, I’m in their living room with them virtually.”

Allen calls himself a “tech guy”, but admits he doesn’t fully understand how the augmented reality effects work. He’s still very proud to be a part of something that’s so cutting edge.

The commercials and the off-the-field stuff, Allen calls it “being that other person”. Though he’s earned the spotlight, it’s not something he desires. Allen does have at least one teammate who fully understands how bright that spotlight can be.

“I think for everybody it’s different,” said his top receiver, Stefon Diggs. “How you handle yourself is who you are. You’re going to be who you are without the attention or with the attention. I feel like he’s handled himself extremely well.”

That doesn’t mean Allen isn’t enjoying himself. Twitter clips of Allen’s practice silliness are now a weekly tradition, even though Allen says he’s actively trying to avoid the cameras.

“I actually have more fun when the cameras are not around, believe it or not,” said Allen. “I do take note of where [the cameras] typically are. I gotta go through my handshake routine and I like to have fun. Sometimes there are some cameras there that catch me doing some crazy stuff.”

“I think I play football at my best when I’m relaxed and I’m loose and I’m having fun,” Allen added. “I’ve tried playing pissed before and that just doesn’t work for me.”

Despite all the new commercial ventures, Allen jokes that his acting still isn’t very good and not something he particularly enjoys.

“If it can help anything around the Buffalo community, help our fans, that’s what gets me through it,” Allen said.

Allen and his entire team will be in the spotlight on Sunday night when they take on the Chiefs in an AFC Championship Game rematch.

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