We are now just hours away from the Bills reporting for training camp at St. John Fisher.

As we near the start of the 2022 NFL season, we take a look at the roster Brandon Beane has built for Sean McDermott. In many ways, an embarrassment of riches.

Today’s preview is secondary.

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Strength: Power

Tyler Bass has very convincingly demonstrated what the cannon attached to his hip can do with six 50-plus field goals in two seasons.

The Bills can potentially add punt god Matt Araiza’s monster leg to that arsenal. He set a new record for total college punt yards last year. Araiza has to learn how to hold for kicks. If he does, Buffalo could have historic kicking firepower.

Weakness: Pressure Situations

The kickoff snafu that triggered 13 Seconds is still a red mark on the Bills special teams resume. Bass, for all his success, still has not converted that big late game winning kick. The Bills still don’t have a return man they can trust not to fumble.

There’s potential for lots of improvement, but the Bills need to prove it.

X-factor: Coaching

Matthew Smiley took over for Heath Farwell after last year, but he’s been the assistant special teams coach since Sean McDermott arrived and can’t completely wash his hands of any previous issues.

Except for Reid Ferguson, there’s a ton of youth at all the other key special teams positions. The coverage units have been good and the Bills are hoping a new voice can clean up the rest.