We are now less than 10 days away from the Bills reporting for training camp at St. John Fisher.

As we near the start of the 2022 NFL season, we take a look at the roster Brandon Beane has built for Sean McDermott. In many ways, an embarrassment of riches.

Part I of the ten part preview is on the quarterbacks.

Strength: Ability

Josh Allen entered the NFL with all the tools and he’s figured out how to make them all work at an MVP level. No QB has more options when it comes to finding a way… any way… to move the ball and get first downs.

Case Keenum and Matt Barkley might be the most capable QB depth chart in the league. Keenum has led a team to a conference championship game. Barkley is the rare third stringer with intimate knowledge of the offense. No matter who is under center, the Bills have guys who can get it done.

Weakness: Ceiling

This is one of many Bills position groups where finding a weakness takes some reaching. Allen is already a top 3 or 4 quarterback at worst. There is a possible chase after becoming the undisputed top quarterback in the NFL, but such things are like trying to become the prettiest painting in the Louvre. They’re all great, but the best is strictly eye of the beholder.

Keenum and Barkley are experienced, veteran guys. Both will be at least 32 years old when the season begins. There aren’t many new tricks that would improve these old dogs. They are who they are.

It’s just hard to see this group exceeding expectations that are already sky high. Mainly because of 17.

X-factor: Coaching

Ken Dorsey is a first time offensive coordinator and play caller. Joe Brady has been a coordinator, but is a first time QB coach and his actual resume lags well behind his reputation. He has one brilliant year guiding a college offense that featured instant NFL stars Joe Burrow, Justin Jefferson and Ja’Marr Chase. That was followed by two lackluster seasons in Carolina as the offensive coordinator.

Many believe the coaching talent is there. Dorsey has been a rising star for a while. Brady is still growing as a coach (Keenum is older!). Overall, it’s still hard to know exactly what the Bills will get out of their quarterback brain trust.