Rodger Saffold said the accident that delayed his participation in preseason with the Bills this year happened before training camp at home in Los Angeles. He didn’t want to go into details of the incident because of how traumatic it was, but he did explain why he had to sit out a couple weeks.

“I just had some sore ribs. It wasn’t until I got back here where I figured out the damage that really was in place,” Saffold said. “To be smart about it, we just had to take some time.”

Fortunately, Saffold comes to Buffalo more prepared to than most new guys because spent four years with the Rams under new Bills offensive line coach Aaron Kromer.

“I think the hardest thing about having a new offensive line coach is having to deal with the new techniques,” Saffold said. “Being able to bring me out there, he’s using me as a (teaching) dummy pretty much 70-80 percent of the time. I’m able to help these guys figure out the techniques out on the ball while they’re helping me out with the terminology.”

The transition to Buffalo becomes even easier because of the two guys on the line next to Saffold.

“Things work in mysterious ways. I was able to play with Dion (Dawkins) at the Pro Bowl. We played on the left and the right side. I think I was able to gel with him pretty quickly,” Saffold said. “As far as Mitch (Morse) goes, when you talk about two veterans, you guys are able to click a little bit faster than some of the normal guys. It’s even been easier than I ever thought it could be.”

Saffold isn’t worried about how much play time he’s going to get this preseason. He said he’s played a whole lot of snaps in preseason and none at all and it always works out just fine.

There is one caveat: if Josh Allen plays.

“If my quarterback’s out there, I gotta be out there.”