‘Rubber long johns’ at the ready for the bitter cold Bills game

Buffalo Bills

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — As these freezing temperatures set in, no doubt the shock of the cold is now becoming a reality in the minds of many who will be going to the Buffalo Bills game Saturday against the New England Patriots.

Joe Jachlewski has been a Bills season ticket holder for about 20 years. You better believe even with the bitter cold, he’s going to the game tomorrow. “I’m excited, I’m nervous, the pre-game nerves are setting in,” he says.

Clearly, he’s hoping the Bills pull off a WIN… the ‘L-word’ (lose), don’t even bring it up. “We’re not going to talk about that,” he says laughing.

His tickets and excelsior pass, all set for access. Oh, and he’s got some added protection to brave the single-digit temperatures. “I plan on wearing this surfer wet suit. It’s neoprene rubber, it’ll cling tight to my body. I’ve done it before,” he says.

The suit is like a rubber set of longjohns and only zip in the back, so going to the bathroom might be a challenge. If it keeps him warm, he doesn’t care.

Others, not as brave as Jachlewski; they’ll plan on going to places like Shamrock Jack’s Saturday. Owner Mark Petzing says reservations are stacked. The public he feels, ready to enjoy the game with mixed company again. 

“We’re excited for this opportunity to have people in, it should be a good time, should be a lot of fun,” says Petzing.

Jachlewski says he’ll also be with people Saturday: his father and brother. His dad, a season ticket holder since 1986, said going to games was largely put on hold due to the pandemic. This experience, actually there in the stands together, will make all the difference.

“And…it just means a lot. That we get to do that,” says Jachlewski, choking up.

AAA says tomorrow with this game and getting there, give yourself extra time on the roadways. Especially when you’re there tailgating in this cold, avoid using your radio which can drain your battery.

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