ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — “We’re ready baby! Let’s go! We’re ready!” said an enthusiastic Jim Barron, a Greece resident at Highmark Stadium Monday.

Barron and his Bills crew have been tailgating for some time in preparation for the home opener… with refreshments flowing. “We’re here in the RV lot — since yesterday, since yesterday. And we’re ready for the Mafia to go out. LET’S GO!!” 

Chili resident Becky Martin says it’s been a long time since she’s been to a game, and she didn’t come alone. 

“So, my sister came in from Denver — so we actually made a family gathering of it, so there are 12 of us here, just having a good time!” said Martin.

Martin said she’s concerned about too much Super Bowl hype too early — but — “I believe in Josh Allen, I believe in everyone as far as the staff.”

Shot of the crowd at Highmark on Monday (Christian Garzone)

Closer to home, in Fairport, the excitement was just as prevalent. 

“Hello from Mulconry’s Irish Pub and Restaurant, go Bills!” said Damien Mulconry, the owner of the bar. He says after two years of lockdowns and slowed foot traffic, it’s wonderful to have the usual crowds back on a Monday.

“It’s great that people are back out and about again. It’s great the doors are open and people are back out having fun,” he said.

Billy Herring was actually giving Mulconry a new tattoo on the stage here…although, nothing Bills related (maybe later this season if they do well). Herring is also praising the return to normal. 

“Activities have come back full swing and I’m excited about it. And I’m excited to see John Allen and the rest of the guys kick some serious butt,” said Herring.

Mulconry getting a tattoo with his daughters’ names on it. He said he might get a Bills-themed tattoo later in the season, depending on how they do. (Christian Garzone)