ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Some Bills fans are heading to Kansas City for Sunday’s big game against the Chiefs.

Jeff Burcham of Henrietta is one of many fans making the embarkment this weekend. He and his father hit the road Friday afternoon for the 14+ hour trip. Burcham got his tickets from family down in Alabama. His aunt and uncle were able to snag two tickets, but couldn’t attend in person.

“After the Bills crushed the Patriots last Saturday, my aunt immediately texted me and offered two tickets to go to the Bills game in Kansas City,” he said.

Who to go with? The first person he thought of asking was his dad. “My dad is a huge Bills fan as well,” he said. “We decided to make a full weekend out of it.”

What they’re packing?

“I’m going to do my normal tailgating experience,” he said. “I’ve got a Bills table and a Bills tent so I’m gonna bring all of those things.”

Elizabeth Carey with Triple A says road-tripping is going to be a lot more affordable than flying. Flights booked fast this week for fans, most tickets just shy of 500 dollars. 

“There are no direct flights from Rochester to Kansas City, you’re gonna have to connect,” she said. “What we are seeing is a lot of people looking to fly out Friday or Saturday, and to fly back Monday.” 

She urges fans to be prepared for any delays — whether that be from the new 5g rollout, or planes defrosting due to cold temperatures.

“It’s hard to tell what might happen,” she said. “It’s just a good idea to make sure you’re doing everything you can on your behalf so you don’t miss any connections, so get to the airport early, at least 90 minutes in advance.”

Another piece of advice for fans — do some sightseeing!

Burchan says he’ll be trying some of Kansas City’s renowned barbeque spots, and basquing in pre-game festivities.

Not to mention, making a lifelong father-son memory, while he’s at it. “It’s nice to share the team together, share the experiences all together,” he said.

For fans attending the game, masks are recommended at Arrowhead Stadium in indoor spaces, but not required.