Four years ago during another rainy Bills game in Baltimore, Ravens Marching band member Pete Zirpolo was air drumming to Rush’s famous Tom Sawyer on the sideline.

He had no idea a News 8 camera was on him.

Former WROC-TV sports anchor Prescott Rossi posted the clip of Zirpolo’s air artistry. Ten million views later, Zirpolo was a viral star.

“It’s been pretty cool. I get recognized once in a while. ‘Yeah, yeah. You’re that band guy.’ The kids (in the Ravens band) think it’s funny. It’s been a lot of fun,” Zirpolo says.

Zirpolo was jamming in the rain again last weekend when the Bills returned to Baltimore.

He no longer plays in the band. Instead, Zirpolo was recently promoted to vice president. He’s now been a part of the Ravens Marchband for 19 years.

Zirpolo says the air drumming video is a great icebreaker on Zoom calls. There have also been tangible benefits both for his Sunday job and his real job with an advertising firm….

“It’s been great advertising for the band. Every audition day, we come out, ‘Hey! Go check out the band guy’,” Zirpolo says. “Being in advertising, it’s something else gone viral. You tell people you’re viral for something good! Not tripping down a flight of stairs or something like that.”

Zirpolo and Rossi still remain in touch. Zirpolo admits it’s been an unusual way to make friends.

It’s just one of the benefits from an incredible air drum session in the rain that happened to be caught on camera.