Police report: Incognito suffering from ‘altered, paranoid state’ during gym incident

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The police report from the Richie Incognito altercation in Florida was released Thursday and it reveals a man in a disturbing mental condition. 

After investigation, Boca Raton police determined Incognito was in an “altered, paranoid state” when they were called to the upscale gym Wednesday morning. Incognito believed ordinary citizens were government officials watching and tracking him. 

Mark O’Brien was running on the outdoor track at the Lifetime Fitness Center around 9am Wednesday. Incognito was acting angry while working out. O’Brien told police he and Incognito were the only ones at the rooftop facility. O’Brien said to Incognito, “Hey, we all go through ****.”

Incognito responded by throwing a tennis ball at O’Brien that hit O’Brien in the foot. Next, Incognito pushed a weighted sled into O’Brien and skimmed the back of his leg. Incognito then threw a weight into the pool and another at O’Brien, but did not hit him. 

As O’Brien called authorities, Incognito can be heard in the background of the 911 call yelling at O’Brien and threatening him. O’Brien told the 911 operator that Incognito tried to hit him during the call. 

911 call on Incognito (WARNING: Graphic language)

When police arrived, a Lifetime Fitness staff member said he had been hit in the arm by an Incognito tennis ball. The staffer added Incognito had been acting erratically and gave the officer Incognito’s concealed weapon permit. 

Officers approached Incognito to find out what was going on. Incognito said, “I’m running NSA class level 3 documents through my phone. I can’t have anybody in bluetooth capability of me or taking pictures of me.” Incognito would not go into further details about his believed government involvement because the officer did not have the proper “clearance.”

The police report says Incognito’s speech pattern was erratic. He would change topics frequently and jump up to move locations without warning. 

Incognito also said he was taking something called “Shroom Tech” and his hands were shaking heavily. He denied hitting anyone with a tennis ball or the weights. When police expressed concerns that he might be a danger to himself or others, Incognito asked a woman in the pool to call the FBI. 

Police do not believe Incognito was trying to harm anyone with the tennis balls or weights because he was “unable to form intent.” His actions were due to paranoia about the people he believed were following or tracking him. 

Incognito was taken into custody under the Baker Act, which requires an involuntary mental evaluation. Police had to link two pairs of handcuffs together due to Incognito’s large frame. 

He was taken to the South County Mental Health Facility for further evaluation. 

Police report

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