WATERLOO, N.Y. (WROC) — He may be little, but his love for the Buffalo Bills runs big. 

Colton Howell, a 6-year-old from Waterloo, may just the team’s number one fan for his age group. The first grader grew up in a Bills onesies and reppin’ his favorite Josh Allen jersey around town.

During a game, you can find Colton and his dad, Patrick, watching their favorite in their basement, also known as their “man cave.”

“On Sundays, he always wants to come down watch football. We come down here, we play darts, he always wants to come down. He always wants to hang out with Dad down here and watch football,” Patrick said. 

Colton said he’s been a Bills fan his “whole life.” You may recognize him from the picture below, that was circulating on social media. This was the second year Colton decided to make a Josh Allen snowman. 

“ had spray paint leftover from last year we spray paint on them with the numbers and spray paint them and you know, that’s one reason. I always send it to all my buddies around here,” Patrick said. “I posted it on the bills mafia thing (on Facebook) and had it up there for a couple hours and had like over 1000 likes on it pretty quick.”

Colton’s favorite player is Josh Allen, hence, why he wanted to build the #17 snowman. When asked why Allen was his favorite, Colton said: “He’s a quarterback” and “because he’s awesome.” Yup, Both true. 

Colton even got the number 17 shaved into his hair on the back of his head to show his support for his favorite player. 

“He just he’s all about Allen. It’s all about Allen for him,” Patrick said. 

So where did this young sports fan get his love for the Bills? Well, you don’t have to look too far. His dad has been a Bills fan his entire life. 

“It’s just our home team. I mean, it’s the only New York team, the actual real New York team. Obviously you gotta support local,” Patrick said. 

Though his father and sister were Saints fans, Patrick said he’s a “diehard Bills fan” and wanted to stick to his local team. While he’s been to a lot of games over the years, it’s been about two years since he’s been able to make it to Highmark Stadium. 

“I lived in Buffalo for a while and I went to almost every home game. And you know, when you get older you have kids, it’s nice to just stay home and watch it your basement you see every play and watch it on your own TV,” Patrick said. 

Watching the games with his son has become a special tradition for Patrick, making their bond even stronger. 

“I grew up watching football with my father. Granted it wasn’t watching the Bills all the time, but, you know, I got to say when I was in grade school and I had friends that were Bills friends, that’s kind of when I started being a Bills fan and then you get older and you start thinking about stuff,” Patrick said. 

With the Bills in their 2nd playoff game Sunday, Patrick is hoping they go all the way, especially for his son. 

“I’ve been waiting 37 years for the bills to be good since you know, since Jim Kelly era, you know, and it’s I just hope he doesn’t have to wait 37 years, you know, for the bills and win a Super Bowl,” he said. 

But whether the Bills win or lose Sunday, it’s fans like Colton and Patrick who make the Bills Mafia a special community. 

“Let’s Go Bills!” Colton says. 

You can watch the Bills take on the Chiefs on Sunday at 6:30 on Channel 8, WROC.