McDermott promises ‘adjustments’ after loss to Jags

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Two Bills test positive for COVID

After a loss as jarring as the one the Bills took against the Jaguars, it’s probably human nature to want big changes. Blow everything up and bench everyone.

That’s not what Sean McDermott wants to do with his team, but status quo is also not the right answer.

“I can promise you that adjustments are being made,” McDermott said. “That’s what good teams do.”

The Bills seem to have undergone at least a little bit of an attitude adjustment. The Wednesday practices that have often been jovial and frolicky was much more business-like following the Jags loss. The players and coaches were still upbeat, but more muted than usual.

“I think the entire team had a good day of communication on Monday,” Josh Allen said. “Just being honest with ourselves and trying to fix some problems that we may have, coming out here in practice and working on those problems.”

Stefon Diggs believes the Bills problems can be fixed internally.

“It’s nothing that we haven’t seen. It’s nothing that we haven’t went thru before,” he said. “It’s not this year that football became a new sport and they started doing things miraculously different. We just got to get back to being us, having that same approach and executing.”

McDermott made the point that adversity is always a part of football and no season is “clean or a straight line”. This year is no different.

“Every season, you have to continue to adjust with the team you have. This team is running its own race. Last season was last season. That team ran its own race. (The) 2017 team ran its own race,” McDermott said. “The challenges this season may be a little bit different than the challenges last season. As coaches, that’s what we get paid to do. You just got to stay with it.”

As usual, nothing will shake McDermott. Not even a touchdown-less loss to one of the NFL’s worst teams.

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