ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) —  A 26-year-old NFL player is not usually seen as the seasoned veteran in a position group, but Matt Breida has embraced it.

The Bills newest running back is three years older than Devin Singletary, Zack Moss, and Antonio Williams, which makes him a mentor by default. Breida realized how much older he appears to the rest of the backfield in the weight room one day when they put him in charge of music.

“It’s weird to me. I’m only going on my fifth year but it’s a cool thing, though, because I can get other guys experience that are younger than me and help everyone on the team out,” said Breida.

Though he’s familiar with the playbook now, Breida did not shy away from learning a thing or two from Singletary and Moss. Their relationship is symbiotic, with a mutual understanding and respect for each other’s game.

“I came into this league undrafted so I’m always going to have a chip on my shoulder no matter where I go,” said Breida. “It’s just awesome, those guys make me better everyday to compete and get better at my craft. I learned some things from those guys and I’ve been in the league longer than they have.”

Breida signed a one-year deal back with the Bills in March 2021, leaving the Miami Dolphins. He spent most of his career with the San Franscisco 49ers, playing on the Super Bowl LIV team. Breida ended the 2019 season with over 600 yards rushing in the regular season, but exclusively played special teams in Super Bowl.

He mentioned there were plenty of parallels between the two teams, from their toughness on the field, to how well everyone gels together off the field.

“I like this team a lot. It reminds me a lot of when I was in San Fran, how close the guys are,” said Breida.

“They definitely have what it takes to win a Super Bowl so that’s the reason why I’m here. You’ve got to embrace your role, whatever it is. As long as we have guys that are not selfish on the team that are willing to go out there and work hard every day and win, we’ll get the goal accomplished.”